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⚽ Soccer Ball Sizes By Age [2021 Updated Charts]

Size 4 (Junior) 25 to 26 inches. 350 to 390 grams. 8 to 11 years old. Size 5 (Adult/Professional) 27 to 28 inches. 410 to 450 grams. 12 and older. Choose a soccer ball size based on the age of the player, your training needs, as well as your league’s requirements.

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Size 3 Soccer Ball. Size 3 is the next one down, slightly smaller than a size 4 ball. Kids in the youngest age group use this size during soccer games and practices. Children 8 years old and younger should use size 3. It has a circumference of 23-24 inches (58.5-61 cm) and a weight of 11-12 ounces (300-340 g).

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Soccer ball size corresponds to player age. Size 5 (adult/professional) is for ages 12 and older, size 4 (youth) is for ages 8-12, size 3 (junior) is for ages 8 and younger, and size 1 is for all ages and is best for developing footwork skills and ball control.

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5. Size 5 Soccer Ball. Age: Best for 12+ years old. Dimension: 27 to 28 inches (circumference). Weight: 410 – 450 grams. Soccer ball size 5 is the most popular size ball today. It caters to the majority of football players and appears in important sports tournaments.

The Best Soccer Ball Sizes for All Ages (Includes Chart)

Ages: 8 - 11 years oldSize: 25 - 26 inches (circumference)Weight: 350 - 390 grams. The size 4 soccer ball is medium size and is perfect for players aged 8 - 11 years of age. Youth soccer players will find a ball of this size and weight much easier to maneuver during practices and matches than a full sized ball.

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The size 4 ball helps these children to improve their ball control and dribbling skills, which kids of this age group might find challenging to do using a larger, heavier ball. Size 5 soccer ball Size 5 is the size used in professional soccer as well as international matches.

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The size 4 soccer ball is a good size for them to still practice and improve without getting frustrated from ball size. Soccer Ball Size 5. Age: 12+ years old. Dimensions: 27 to 28 inches circumference. Weight: 410 to 450 grams. The size 5 soccer ball is used in all standard, professional, and international soccer matches.

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FIFA Laws of the Game. FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game. August 1, 2017 marked the official rollout of US Soccer's Player Development Initiatives (PDIs). This presentation is available in English and Spanish, which serves as a resource for parents, coaches and referees supporting the growth and improvement of grassroots soccer.

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CONFIDENTIAL - Not to be shared without U.S. Soccer approval 4v4 Player Development Philosophy Coaches should have the age appropriate license issued by U.S. Soccer Formal games are not needed so playing with and against teammates at the end of each training session (1-2 per week) should be sufficient