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What is not a Volleyball violation? What is the call when the defending team kicks the ball out over their own goal line (not in the goal)? What is it called when a batter hits the ball over the fence? What is that person who throws the ball to the home base called in softball? What is another name for an attack or hit used in volleyball ?

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Volleyball Study Questions Answer Rule Reference Answer T/F # Question T 1-2-2 1 A let server is legal. F 1-2-3 2 A team is allowed three time outs per set. T 1-4-1,2 3 A match shall consist of the best 3 out of 5 sets with the deciding set to 15 points no cap.

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Volleyball, invented in America as a hybrid of tennis and basketball. It can be played either outdoors at the beach or indoors. Let’s see how much you know about this acclaimed sport by taking these trivia Volleyball Quiz Questions and Answers presented to you by us at We Love Quizzes.

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93 Volleyball Trivia Questions & Answers : Sports Other. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. There are 93 questions on this topic. Last updated Nov 23 2021 . 1 Beach volleyball is similar to traditional volleyball, the sport it was derived from.

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Volleyball Frequently Asked Questions What is volleyball? What are the governing bodies for volleyball? What is the object of volleyball? What are the different ways to play volleyball? What do I wear for volleyball? Who invented volleyball? How is volleyball scored? What skills do I need to play ...

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Quiz. Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players stand on opposite sides of a net, and tries to score points on one another by grounding a ball on the opposing side. The following quiz is to check out your volleyball knowledge! Read the questions and answer each as best as you can.

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Most Missed Volleyball questions - Referee. The first referee shall whistle and sig…. "A five-minute warm-up period shall be…. "The sleeves of the libero uniform top…. "The head coach must remain seated duri…. False. " False. " False. " False.

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Board Information & Statistics. Women's/Girls' Volleyball Forum. Volleyball news and discussion for Pro, International, College, and Junior Level Volleyball on the female side of the sport. Indoor focus.